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Natural Products For Healthier Kids by Sergei Shushunov

Sergei Shushunov 4healthykids

Sergei Shushunov  founded Lev Laboratories Ltd. in 1997 following 20 years of pediatric medicine practice. By then he finished  training  in General Pediatrics and Pediatric Critical Care at the Universities of Illinois, Florida and Minnesota and received  board certifications in Pediatrics and Pediatric Critical Care. At some point in his career, after seeing many disasters and devastated families he decided that  to avoid burnout he had to do something else besides Pediatric Critical Care Medicine.  What do people do when their children suffer from earache,  colic, diarrhea, high fever, inability to focus, or any other non life-threatening, but unpleasant health condition which is either difficult to treat with conventional approach or the side effects of treatment using conventional approach are unacceptable? To answer this question Sergei enrolled into UCLA medical acupuncture course for physicians  and later took classes at the University of Illinois Department of Pharmacognosy, one world’s most recognized academic institutions in the field of scientific evaluation of medicinal plants.  Obviously, when it comes to their children, people want only the best. The highest quality, the safest  remedies with the lowest side effects.  This is what Dr. Sergei Shushunov does at Lev Laboratories – helping children to be healthy, comfortable, and happy. Lev Laboratories develops and manufactures children’s natural herbal products under ” 4healthykids ” brand name. All herbal 4 healthykids herbal preparations manufactured according to rigorous guidelines in the facilities set up according to FDA regulations. All products are tested for safety. Visit http://www.4healthykids.com for more informationm

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